Choosing Your Bouquet

The blooms you carry down the aisle should suit you in every way. Here’s how to select all the elements of your bouquet, from the flowers to the finishing touches.  Here are some of Martha Stewart’s tips:

If flowers are the language of love, as the Victorians believed, then a bride’s bouquet is the ultimate romantic statement. How the modern bride expresses her sentiments — and herself — has expanded far beyond the iconic all-white arrangement. Create an impact with a clutch of blooms that is not just a lovely accessory but a work of art that’s as unique as your personality and your sense of style.

The ideal time to begin thinking about bridal flowers is after you’ve chosen your gown and ceremony setting; this will let you select a bouquet that harmonizes with the wedding’s mood and motifs. Although the colors and types of flowers are the elements brides tend to think of first, you’ll want to weigh all aspects of the bouquet, from its shape and size to such finishing accents as ribbons. The decisions you make often set the tone for other flowers as well, including the blooms for the wedding party.

The tone of your ceremony could help guide your bouquet style. Traditional weddings often call for sophisticated compositions: structured forms, classic blooms (such as lily-of-the-valley), and subdued color palettes. Casual events are more conducive to generous armloads of flowers in an array of colors — or rustic bouquets with nontraditional elements, such as berries or fresh herbs.

Although most blossoms are available year-round from florists, flowers are most affordable and best-looking in season. Blooms that must be imported also cost more.

With good inspiration and proper planning, the flowers you carry on your wedding day are sure to be as breathtaking as the ones blossoming in your imagination.

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