Engagement Rings

There’s a lot more to buying an engagement ring than popping into a store, browsing for a favorite, and making the purchase. Beyond the research phase, which can take months (or even longer if you decide to design the piece yourself!), there are many factors that play into the final decision; they often involve assessing the quality of the diamond at hand.

Clarity refers to the inclusions in and on the surface of a diamond. The most important thing when evaluating a diamond’s clarity is that you cannot detect these inclusions with your naked eye—and that the inclusions do not impact the integrity of the diamond.

When a jeweler references a diamond’s cut, he or she isn’t talking about its shape. A diamond’s cut grade refers to the how well the diamond is proportioned. Round brilliant diamonds have cut grades ranging from Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair, and Poor.”

Believe it or not, a diamond’s carat number doesn’t have anything about how large the stone actually looks—it ultimately comes down to weight.

Round shapes, which represent roughly 80 percent of all diamonds sold worldwide, are popular for a reason—they have the most cut facets and, therefore, the most sparkle. Other popular shapes include emerald-, princess-, marquise-, cushion-, radiant-, pear-, and oval-cut stones.

The setting, the piece of jewelry that you place the diamond into, is actually the ring component. As for the settings that contemporary brides gravitate towards? Super-thin bands, colored metals, three-stone options, skinny pavé bands, and hidden halos are trending now,

Cost does, however, play into this system. “A diamond’s price and value are determined by its grade based on the four Cs: Carat, Cut, Color, and Clarity. The higher the grade, the more expensive the diamond will be.

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