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Wedding detail shots showcase the color and aesthetics of the wedding that you’ve so carefully planned. To make sure that you get these stunning shots for your wedding, here are a few examples and tips!














Wondering what to expect from wedding detail shots? It depends on your wedding style, but the following are common detail shots:

  • Styled flatlay images with your invitation suite and wedding rings
  • Photos of your wedding dress carefully hung in the bridal suite
  • Wedding bands in antique ring boxes
  • The bride’s jewelry nestled in the wedding bouquet
  • The groom’s accessories lying next to a handwritten note

Place all of the details you’d like photographed in a box or bag near your wedding gown. This makes it easy for your photographer to capture every single detail at the start of the day while you’re getting ready.

Here are some of the things I love photographing for my couples!

  • All 3 weddings rings — the bride’s engagement rig and wedding band, and the groom’s ring!
  • Complete invitation suite — save the date, wedding invitation, envelope and any other ribbons or materials the suite was mailed in
  • Flowers
  • Bride’s wedding shoes
  • Veil
  • Ring boxes
  • Accessories from the couple — the bride’s necklace and earrings, and the groom’s cufflinks and tie
  • Personal family heirlooms
  • Handwritten notes

To take shots like this, you’ll need to pack a few things for your wedding day, in addition to what’s in your suitcase for the wedding night.

Use the list above to make sure you’ve packed everything for those gorgeous detail shots.


Flowers beautifully complement wedding details and add a level of texture that can’t be matched. If possible, ask your florist to deliver flowers to the bridal suite at the beginning of the day. Your photographer can then use the bouquet or even flower petals to dress up the detail shots.

If that’s not possible, share your color scheme with the photographer. (When I have time, I like to bring flowers to work with if there won’t be any available.) Another way to help out your photographer is to send a photo of the invitation beforehand!


The rest of the day will be focused on you, but detail shots can take some time to be properly styled. After your wedding, when you open your wedding album for the first time, these photos will be the first that you see. As a result, it’s important to put a decent amount of time and thought into them.


Detail shots can take a lot of time, but the preparation certainly speeds things up. If you want flawless detail shots, your photographer will need at least 30 minutes to style and photograph your details. They may need to go outside for better lighting too, so don’t be surprised if your photographer bounces back and forth.

Detail photos are one of the few moments on a wedding day that can be completely staged. When given the proper amount of time and detail, your photographer can produce some of the most artistic photographs with dreamy textures and colors.


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