Recent Events

Shayne + Tina

Tina called me from San Diego last June asking me to assist her with her November wedding

I was more than excited.

She traveled to Las Vegas and we met for a few hours and we quickly got to work!

We planned all of this through emails and phone calls and it was beautiful!

Aliante Hotel & Resort was the backdrop for this Tiffany Themed event. (more…)

Andrew + Raquel

On a beautiful fall day, Andrew & Raquel tied the knot and the Springs Preserve was the perfect spot! I have had the pleasure of being friends with Raquel for a few years and how we met was pure fate.While interviewing models to work a large event, I noticed that the address on her resume was actually four houses away from me!  Both of us were excited to finally meet one of our neighbors and we began having evening glasses of wine and I got to hear all about her fiance Andrew.

When they finally settled on a date, we went right to work. (more…)